How Being Alone Increases Your Happiness

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As humans, even as introverts, we're naturally drawn to be with people.

That’s just human nature.

Solitude also has its value though. Being alone can increase your happiness in ways you never thought possible.

From a very early age, we’ve been taught about working in groups.

Growing up we’ve placed immense value on friendships and as a teenager, we wouldn’t dare go to a place without our trusted best friend.

While there is certainly value in having a supportive community, there is also an immense power that comes when you’re just accompanied by your own thoughts.

Get to Know Yourself

Our surrounding influences us, that’s a fact.

While this is something very natural, it’s always good to know your own voice. To discover who you are outside of the bounds of your community.

You will question all that you know and get curious about new things.

It’s in that process that you will discover where your heart lays. You’ll understand your thoughts and why you act the way you do.

Knowing yourself is the strongest weapon someone can have in their life, but it takes courage to discover.

At the end of the day, when you can wholeheartedly define what makes you you, then is when you’ll see your life flourish.

You’ll see how being alone increases your happiness.

Once you know yourself, you’ll be a force to be reckoned with.

No wind will blow you over and no struggle will be too hard to overcome.

The Fear of Being Alone

A lot of fear comes with being alone.

Self-resistance by your own mind will hold you back because the mind knows that a confrontation is bound to happen.

Looking in the mirror without judgments is hard because you’ll not only discover your strengths but also your weaknesses and nothing scares us more than the feeling of being flawed.

But, fear not, because every weakness has strengths and it’s the flaws in our soul and mind that makes us the beautiful humans we are.

Grow and Flourish

True growth comes from facing yourself and knowing what you stand for.

Being alone increases your happiness because it leads you to grow as a person and become the person you were always meant to be.

Being alone is a process that’s not finished overnight. You have to take conscious steps.

5 tips on how to be alone:

  • Take small action by yourself. Like going to the movies alone or visit your favorite coffee shop by yourself.
  • Schedule at least 1 hour of me-time every week. This is a time that you’ll do something just for you and all by yourself. It can be as simple as reading a book or maybe even going to a spa.
  • Be your own motivator. Don’t talk yourself out of it, but instead talk to yourself into it. Push yourself to be comfortable.
  • Be aware of your thoughts. Be aware of what you’re thinking and feeling at the moment. Turn negative thoughts into positive ones.
Being alone is a beautiful art that everyone can master. All it takes is to take the first step!
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