How a Community Can Increase your Productivity

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There are countless techniques out there on how to improve your productivity and work more efficient.

Some people swear by the power of pen and paper and using a planner to keep them focus, while others must work in utter silence to produce their best work.

One strategy that’s often overlooked, which can drastically increase your productivity, is leveraging the power of a community.

We choose a gym partner because we know that they will hold us accountable. So why not do the same thing for our accountability?

Virtual or In-Person Community

I’ve recently discovered virtual coworking.

A group of like-minded people comes together, in a video conference, to help each other focus on their tasks and support each other in the quest for better productivity.

The virtual coworking is great for solopreneurs, who often work at home, but this principle can also help colleagues and study groups.

By having the feeling that someone is looking over your shoulder and seeing whether you're doing your work or not, brings added pressure which automatically helps with focusing.

It won’t always work, but you’ll have more productive days than you usually have.

Combine It with a Productivity Technique

Having more than one person in the room to work with you requires structure or it would otherwise be a complete mess.

Structure your meetings/sessions with a productivity technique that works for you and your group.

Remember the kitchen timers in the form of a tomato? Well, the Pomodoro (tomato in Italian) technique is based on the same principle and is a great technique to use in a situation like this.

You have 4 sessions called Pomodoros. In a spreadsheet, everyone jots down what they will be working on for each Pomodoro. Then you set a timer for 25 minutes, followed by a 3-5 minutes break. After the 4th Pomodoro you take a longer break of 20-25 minutes.

It’s important that everyone write down their tasks and that at the end they indicate which tasks got done and what percentage of all tasks were completed.

It’s a way to self-reflect on your own productivity, but also remind yourself how much you got done in a day.

For that, of course, you must first know the priorities of your day. The priorities you wrote down in a planner, for example.

Introducing a Productivity Community

Whether you’re building a community from scratch, virtually or in-person, or you want to turn your existing working community into a productivity community, the first thing is defining the common goal.

It’s important for people to know that the common goal is not chit-chatting but getting things done.

Then the second step is deciding how you’ll set up the community and what productivity method you will use.

Would you like it to be in-person or virtual? Is it with people from one department of the office or several departments?

Companies can also use a flex office for this. Everyone who comes into that specific office will join the “productivity sessions”.

A few resources to get you started:

  • Wilkii Planner: For prioritizing and self-reflection
  • Zoom or Skype Meetings: For Virtual Coworking
  • Shared timer on desktop
  • Pomodoro Smart Timer App (Android) or Be Focused (IOS): Smartphone Pomodoro timers
  • Google Docs: To create spreadsheets on the cloud that everyone can work on at the same time

If you want to increase your productivity, then start tapping into the positive influence of having a community. A community that helps and supports you in your journey.

Side note: This blog post was written in 2 Pomodoro sessions (40 minutes) during a virtual coworking. A task that would normally take up to 3 hours in the past.

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