5 Ways to Increase Your Monday Motivation

5 Ways to Increase Your Monday Motivation

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Monday, the most dreaded day of the week—for a lot of people at least. It’s the day that we return to work, step back into the classroom, start working on our to-do list for the week and get on the train of our normal life. The mere thought of Monday can be overwhelming and the actual day daunting. These 5 ways will increase your Monday motivation and help you conquer your week.


  1. Have the Right Mindset

Thoughts are powerful! 

Having the right mindset is just as important as doing the work to ensure you have a good Monday motivation. Instead of feeling like the fun is over when the morning bells ring, look at it as an opportunity to work on achieving your goals and stay close to your ‘Why’. 

Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that today will be a good and productive day. That you will achieve all that you set your mind out to accomplish and that this week will bring you happiness, abundance, and growth.


  1. Armor up with a Monday Motivation Quote

Post it, Believe it

There are some people who wake up every in the morning to post-it notes on their bathroom mirror that help motivate them every day. Find a quote that motivates you, that speaks to you, and say it out loud every morning. 

Say it once, say it twice, say it loud, and say it proud. Say it until you believe it! Don’t skip a Monday morning and challenge your mind to be your biggest motivator. 


  1. The 5-Second Rule

…And Counting

One of Mel Robbin’s most famous interview was her talk about controlling our mind to take action even when it feels like we can’t. While her life was crumbling to pieces and she didn’t have any reason to wake up, she aimed at waking up like a rocket in the morning.

Like a skyrocket, countdown from 5 to 1 to prompt yourself to wake up at 1 and break the bad habit of snoozing on Monday morning. By counting down, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, you interrupt auto-behaviors and awaken your mind by doing an action. 

Not only will you wake up, but you will also wake up with more energy. 


  1. Plan Ahead

Preparation is Key

The best way to increase your Monday motivation and avert the overwhelming feeling, is to be prepared for the week. Take a few minutes of your Sunday afternoon or evening, perhaps just before going to bed, to think of the week ahead. 

What is your to-do list for the week? Most importantly, what are your priorities? Knowing what’s coming takes away the overwhelming feeling. It motivates you and keeps you on track the whole week, not just on Monday morning. 

Write down in your Wilkii planner your appointments and tasks on the weekly schedule and disperse your to-do’s and priorities throughout the week. 

Opening your planner on Monday and knowing that your week is well-thought-out and planned will give you an extra oomph of motivation.


  1. Be Well-Rested

Sleep is Your Friend

Remember how it feels when you know it’s time to wake up but your eyes can’t seem to open, your legs can’t seem to move quick enough, and no matter how much coffee you drink your soul just doesn’t light up?

The night is for sleeping and the weekend is for resting. Forget about work on weekends and all the tedious life tasks. Spend the time relaxing and enjoying the moment. Get a good nights sleep on Sunday so you’re well-rested the next day.

Monday is not your enemy! It’s your friend, your gateway to new opportunities and new challenges to conquer. Have the right mindset, take the right action, and you will see your Monday motivation catapult!



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