In the world of all things productivity, we had trouble finding productivity tools explicitly designed for ADHD and its executive functions.

All the tools, resources, and planners on the market weren't geared towards neurodiversity. As an individual who strives daily to overcome their ADHD and executive functioning skills- | couldn't accept this, so Wilkii & Co was born.

Here at Wilkii, we work hard every day to power our community and provide them with the best productivity tools for ADHD backed by science and positive psychology.

Our first product is Wilkii ADHD Planner, strategically designed to provide the missing structure and systems needed to schedule and organize daily routines, beat procrastination, improve executive functioning skills and promote mindfulness.

Meet The Team

The Hearts Behind Wilkii & Co.

Tati S
Founder & CEO

Martin J
Head of Creative Design & Development

Toki K
Coaching & Accountability Lead.

Florianne M
Community Care & Support Manager