5 Ways to Find Your Calm in the Chaos

5 Ways to Find Your Calm in the Chaos

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It’s inevitable that at some point chaos will enter our lives and while you may struggle to process your thoughts there are plenty of ways to find your calm in the chaos.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we all—if not for the first time—faced chaos as we’ve never had before.
We faced fear, scarcity, and confusion. The three ingredients needed to unleash complete panic and anxiety that transcended borders.
It’s in these moments that we will have to look inside of us, instead of our environment, to find back the joy and happiness to face the world and deal with the chaos.

That’s when you must find your calm in the chaos!

While this may sound simple, we all know that it’s not easy to find your calm when the noise keeps getting louder and you can’t hear the sound of your voice.

That’s when your judgment gets clouded.

When you stop trusting your intuition and make decisions and take action based on irrational emotions rather than what you know and what you feel.

To guide you in any future crisis we’re sharing 5 ways to find your calm in the chaos, whether small or big.

These are easy activities or strategies you can implement to help you cope with difficult situations.

1. Meditate

Let’s start with the most logical and obvious one. Meditation is the actual practice of silence to find and maintain calmness.

There is a reason why meditation is widely practiced around the world.

It’s because it’s been an effective method for focusing on the now and silencing the mind.

There are different ways of meditating and it’s important to remember that meditating is a practice.

Like any practice, the key is to get better by repetition and not thinking that you’ll get it perfect right away.

Enjoy the journey and the exploration where you get to find the style that works best for you.

Whether that is mindfulness meditation, meditation with movement, or a more spiritual version, try them all before sticking to one or giving up on your practice.

2. Journaling

There is such a strong power in putting thought to paper and finding clarity by writing everything out.

If you want to find your calm in the chaos, you’ll often be advised to talk it out because saying something out loud brings clarity.

While this is certainly true it isn’t always feasible.

If you don’t have a trusting companion or maybe your desire some privacy, then journaling has the same calming power as talking it out.

Instead, you’re writing it down on a notebook, a journaling book, or you can even write it in your Wilkii Planner.

The Wilkii Planner has a dedicated space at the end of each week to write down your through and reflect on your week.

It’s a good way to make journaling a habit and not just something you practice when the going gets tough and your mind is clouded.

That way you can always prevent the overwhelm in moments of chaos.

3. Do Solo Activities

There is so much value in solitude!

Taking a hike alone, cooking a meal all by yourself, watching a movie alone, or just simply sitting alone in the corner of your home reading a book.

We are constantly in contact with each other, getting our senses stimulated in various ways, that we forget what it’s liked to be alone.

To slow down and enjoy our own company.

Yes, a quarantine feels lonely, but it can also help us stop to cherish the moments of solitude.

So, in those moments when you must find your calm in the chaos, center yourself by finding peace in aloneness.

4. Dance It Out

Dance is the best therapy for everything related to the heart, mind, and soul.

There is nothing more freeing than cranking up the music and dancing all your worries away.

There’s no need for dancing skills, shoes are optional, and your living room or bedroom will be big enough to become an impromptu dance floor.

All you need is to choose your favorite music, blast it out loud (be mindful of the neighbors, though), put your mind to zero, and let your body take it over.

In the end, you’ll be 10 pounds lighter with space in your mind to think clearer.

5. Karaoke

How about combining the dance with some singing?

Put your guilty pleasure that you know all the words of and let your inner Beyoncé out.

Whether you have her vocals or not, the idea isn’t to win the Idols but to let the mere activity of letting go help you to let go of negative thoughts and emotions.

Removing the grey cloud from your heart and mind so you can calm yourself when needed.

Chaos is part of life, whether we like it or not, but we have the tools in ourselves to find calmness so we can think more clearly and ground ourselves and find serenity.

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