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Hey There, Future ADHD Goal-Getter:

Welcome to Wilkii & Co, where we're not just a brand, we're a movement! Our mission? To help you conquer daily chaos, supercharge your focus, and achieve unstoppable productivity, well-being, and personal growth with ADHD.


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Mastering Your Daily Well-being with ADHD

Hey there, brilliant mind! At Wilkii & Co., we get it. Every day with ADHD is its own adventure, and guess what?

We're all in this journey together. Here's how we've got your back:

Right Tools

Ever felt like you just need the right gear to shine? Enter our Wilkii ADHD Planner. It's like a compass for your thoughts, guiding you to your daily 'aha!' moments.

Right Systems

Systems, not restrictions. We're talking about those game-changing methods that feel like they were made just for you. They're here to make your day flow, not slow!


Imagine a squad that gets you, celebrates your quirks, and cheers on your wins. That's us! Dive into a community that's all about that ADHD magic.


ADHD isn't one-size-fits-all. We're here with strategies as unique as your fingerprint, helping you harness that electric energy of yours.

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