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4 Habits to Boost your Productivity

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So, we’ve talked in the past about bad habits that are keeping you from having a productive life, but now we’re getting into the habits that will boost your productivity to the max.

Habits have the power to create the right mindset to make us hyper-focused.

There is a reason why many athletes cultivate habits for their life and even before, during, or after a game. Same thing for performers.

Cultivating habits and sticking to it requires a great deal of discipline and discipline requires a great deal of mental strength.

The strength that you need when the going gets tough and all you want to do is ditch the good habits and lay on the couch watching Netflix the whole day.

Create your To-Do List the Day Before

The moment we start our day, we have to start it with intention.

By creating your to-do list the night before you make sure to not forget about it in the morning and skip it altogether.

That way you have space to not only set your intention but also feel it, instead of trying to grab the last few minutes scribbling your tasks and then forgetting 1/3 of it.

This habit will boost your productivity by allowing you to completely focus on doing the task instead of mindlessly going to work.

You can create your to-do list at night before going to bed or 5 minutes before you shut down your computer and be done with your work for the day.

You can always add your impromptu tasks throughout the day, just make sure your power hour tasks and appointments are written down.

As a bonus, also add a nice encouraging word to get you started on your day.

Find an Accountability Partner

Find a friend, a family member, or use your Wilkii Planner as your accountability partner.

Breaking promises to yourself is much easier than breaking promises to others, so find someone to hold you accountable for your actions and keeping up with your habits.

Remind them of the importance of their job. Remind them that you're cultivating a habit to boost your productivity and maybe they’ll even join you in your journey.

Schedule regular check-ins with your accountability partner, so they can actually keep you accountable for your actions.

Delay Gratification

Have you heard of the marshmallow experiment?

An experiment where they place a marshmallow in front of kids with the promise that if they don’t touch it, they’ll get an even bigger reward.

Kids who decided not to eat the marshmallow were much more successful in life.

This is a great habit if you want to have a productive life. Instead of watching T.V. or scroll through your phone, delay it until you have finished all your work or on a specific moment in the day.


Manage your calendar effectively by time-blocking tasks.

Assign a certain amount of time each week for certain recurring or impromptu tasks.

You can do it for both your personal schedule as your work schedule.

If you have time scheduling some self-care time then time-block that in as well so you don’t skip it.

Good habits are crucial to boost productivity. It’s how we build resilience, how we get into the right mindset, and how we set ourselves up for success.

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