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How to Know What Your Daily Priorities Are

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Nothing will mess your schedule more than not know your priorities. That’s why we’ll guide you on how to know what your daily priorities are.

Getting your list of priorities is a process of elimination,

Asking yourself the right questions and being honest with your answers.

What is a Priority List?

Let’s start by asking the most important question because in order to understand how to know what your daily priorities are you must first understand what a priority list is.

This is the part that many people struggle with and this is the part that you need to right from the beginning.

A priority list…

…is not a list with all your tasks that needs to be done in a.s.a.p.

…is not a list with 5 tasks on.

…is not a list that you can ignore.

A priority is a do-or-die list with a maximum of 3 tasks (1 or 2 is even better).

They are the most important tasks that need to be completed before you put your head back on the pillow.

To narrow down your tasks and learn how to know what your daily priorities are, you have to ask yourself the following questions in this specific order.

How does this task help me achieve my goal?

We often come up with tasks and convince ourselves of their importance that doesn’t help the bottom-line.

If something doesn’t help you get closer to your goals, then it’s not a priority.

Answer this question by being as specific as possible, because if you struggle with this then it’s probably because there’s no correlation there.

If that’s the case, then push it down to your daily tasks or eliminate it completely.

If not, ask yourself then the second question.

Does this task need to be finished tomorrow?

I’ve been guilty of focusing on tasks that were due way down the line of thinking that a task needs to be done a.s.a.p. when I could have held off for a few more days.

This is especially true when I’m procrastinating or don’t know what my overall focus is in my life and my career.

The idea is not to be busy, but not be balanced.

To do what needs to be done and then spend your time doing the things that light you up.

So, can you honestly say that the task must be done before tomorrow comes? And what happens if it isn’t done?

If the consequences don’t make your palm sweat, then that task is not as important as you think and it shouldn’t be one your priority list.

If it’s important then it’s time to ask yourself this last question.

Do I need to be doing this task?

Losing control can be nerve-wracking for some, but still essential for leading a productive life.

If you want to know what your daily priorities are, then this last question is crucial.

We often think that we should be the one doing all the chores, being at all the meetings, etc. etc.

Yes, you may indeed be the only one who can perform the task perfectly but, trust me, others are just as capable of doing it.

Just give them time, space, and be open-minded to their approach.

By delegating tasks to others, you free up your time and hold on to the tasks that are of utmost importance for you.

When you’ve gone through this question and exhausted all ideas to delegate, only then you put down the task as a Power Hour Task in your Wilkii Planner.

Getting strict and knowing what your daily priorities are is very important when you want to take charge of your schedule and lead a more productive life. You will immediately feel the difference in your time management, your productivity, your mindset, and your overall wellbeing.


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