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Neuro Thought Pad 101: Find Your Focus & Flourish!

Jumpstart your Neuro Thought Pad journey. Turn ADHD energy into organized clarity.

🧠 Weekly Focused Check-In:  

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15-20 minutes exclusively for you! Analyze, refine, and prioritize your tasks and actions for the upcoming week with your Thought Pad. 

Boost Productivity 

Let's turn those rapid thoughts into actionable goals. We’re not about changing you, but optimizing the amazing way your brain works!

 Combat Overwhelm

Regular check-ins help declutter your mind, prioritize tasks, and maintain a sense of calm amidst the storm.

Easy & Flexible

No fuss. Just a straightforward video call, so you can join from wherever you feel most comfortable.

$99/Month: Your Success Blueprint

🎥 Hop On A Call
Engage in a 15-20 minute video session tailored to the ADHD mind. Dive into a collaborative session where you and our expert co-pilot your week.
📝  Plan & Strategize
With guidance, channel those rapid-fire thoughts onto your Neuro Thought Pad, laying the groundwork for your week.
🚀 Empower & Track
Kick off your week confidently and benefit from a mid-week email touchpoint, ensuring you're aligned and focused on your goals.

Most Asked Questions

  1. Is this a subscription?
    No, the Focused Check-In isn't a recurring subscription. The $99 fee covers a one-time month-long access to our specialized sessions and support. There are no automatic renewals or obligations for future months unless you choose to re-enroll.
  2. What does the $99/month cover in the Action Plan?
    The monthly fee includes weekly tailored video sessions, guidance on how to maximize the use of your Neuro Thought Pad, and a mid-week email check-in to ensure you're on track. It’s a comprehensive support system for your ADHD productivity needs.
  3. How do I schedule my weekly video sessions?
    Once you subscribe to the plan, you'll receive access to an online scheduler where you can choose a convenient slot for your 15-20 minute discussion. Remember, these are tailored to work with the dynamic ADHD mind, so flexibility is a key component!
  4. What if I miss a week or can't attend a session?
    Life happens! If you can't attend a session, just reschedule using our online platform. We understand the ADHD lifestyle can be unpredictable, so we offer flexibility in rescheduling or postponing sessions when needed.
  5. What if I don't like the session, can I cancel for a refund?  
    Absolutely. If you're not pleased with your initial session, please contact our support team. We value your feedback, and if we can't address your concerns to your satisfaction, we'll promptly process a full refund for you. Your satisfaction is our top priority.